CUE DEE WILL HAVE A NEW CEO from the beginning of the year: Göran Alm—a sports fan and team player who is looking forward to his new job. Who is our new CEO and what motivates him?

WITH NEARLY 25 YEARS in the telecommunications industry, Göran is used to managing projects and knows what it is like to be a customer in telecom projects.

“It feels good to join a smaller company and to be able to create positive change with my new employees and colleagues,” says Göran.

“Cue Dee has a very good reputation and a strong brand, which I want to help to maintain and develop. As a customer, Cue Dee is the partner you are looking for: a company that can be trusted to deliver what you need, when you need it.”

GÖRAN COMES TO CUE DEE from Ericsson, where he worked for many years as a project manager with overall responsibility for the deployment of telecommunication networks in multiple locations around the world: Sweden, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Iran and most recently Croatia.

“I have always had an interest in technology and in working towards concrete goals, which I have found useful both in my work and my free time.”

HIS FOCUS ON GOALS and a great interest in sports has led to many accomplishments even outside of work. As a sailor, he has won several Swedish national championships, taking around ten top placements in European and World championships.

IN 1992 HE WAS EVEN CLOSE to qualifying for the Olympics in Barcelona. He has also won several senior Swedish track and field championships in 200-meter sprints and 4 x 400-meter relays, and he has competed over ten times in Vasaloppet, a 90-km cross-country ski race.
This has been a great adventure for Göran, even if his team did not quite make it to the Olympics.

“Athletics have probably influenced me more than I am aware. I’m used to looking at results to judge my performance. I believe this is a way of thinking that I use in my work. However, I don’t value results at all cost. Safety in all aspects is number one. The team defines the final performance and every person in the group is important.

BOTH ATHLETICS AND MY WORK have helped me realize that everyone needs to work towards the same goals: working closely as a team and together finding good solutions that lead to success. While it is important to overcome weaknesses, you also need to maintain your advantages and focus on the positive aspects. Many people forget this.”

IN HIS ROLE AS CEO, Göran will focus on customer relations and marketing, while being fully aware of the importance of working with every part of the organization.

“I have a large network of contacts that will be valuable in developing Cue Dee and our proximity to our customers. I will also use my experience as a client to develop the way we communicate what Cue Dee has to offer.”

Göran is looking forward to working with the new owners, Lagercrantz Group, to develop the company’s long-term strategy, while also working from Sikeå.

“I will divide my time with our customers and with our sales staff and support them out in the field, but a large part of my time will be at the head office in Sikeå.”

GÖRAN IS CLEAR ABOUT what our customers can expect in the future:
“We will have more contact with our customers and help them find just the right solutions they need. Every site is, of course, different and needs a specific solution. We will help customers understand how they can use our flexible products to solve their specific challenges. I am looking forward to it.