Take a look at our brand new film featurng the innovative Chain Bracket mounting syst.

No welding. No major adjustments. No measuring
beforehand. No down time. Chain Bracket saves time at
every step. You just take a Chain Bracket off the shelf,
choose the right diameter and then mount it by attaching it
to the pole. It is that easy.

The pre-assembled Chain Bracket fits all types of
poles—round, conical and hexagon—regardless of
diameter and material, and does not impact the mounting

The only bracket you will need. Chain Bracket works
together with all types of equipment, and this convenient
bracket also allows the installation of lots of equipment in a
small space. With Chain Bracket, you can build on
narrower sites and get more out of existing towers.

Chain Bracket meets every need. Termporary or
long-term installations? This light-weight aluminum bracket
is easy to install for tempory installations and sudden
needs. Its strength and quality also ensure the best conditions
for sites needing long-term installations.

In Chain Bracket, you get everything Cue Dee has to
offer. Safe and smart products of high quality that meet
your needs and simplify your daily work.