Technical solutions and innovations for over 30 years

The company was founded by Rainer Martinsson. Manufacturing was mainly focused on radio amateur antennas and brackets. Over 10 000 antennas was delivered.

In the later part of the 1980s mobile telescopic masts was developed and delivered to e. g. the Swedish Meteorological Institute and the Swedish Military.
Also the third generation of mobile telecom (GSM) was about to be rolled out and CUEDEE took an active part in the product development regarding brackets and support.

1990s – early part
CUEDEE was chosen as the general supplier of roof-top solutions by the mobile telecom operators Comvik in Sweden and Netcom in Norway.
CUEDEE also took part in the Swesite concept development in cooperation with Ericsson. This concept was based on mobile or semi-mobile
30-40 m mast solutions.

The K-System for masts and towers was introduced.

The Ballast Box System was introduced.

The now world famous “The Antenna support” is launched, up to date we have delivered more than 200 000 units.

CUEDEE won an Ericsson innovation competition regarding a universal antenna bracket. The idea was patented and incorporated in the Ericsson standard stock for world-wide distribution.

2000s – early part

The CUEDEE ballast box system was accepted by Playmobile and adapted in Poland resulting in great volumes.

2000s – later part
Since the 1990s the CUEDEE concept has been adapted within the wind energy industry for wind measurement purposes. Especially since 2005 the development has been rapid with numerous mast deliveries, mainly in Europe.

Acquisition of the company by Anicho Invest.

Launch of the X-Tower System, completing the range with a competitive product for medium high towers.

The wooden telecom pole CuePole was introduced.

Introduction of several products, among others the parallel cog support, for mounting of new equipment on existing sites.

Launch of new mobile mast the  STM30, a 30m high mobile mast.