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IN 2013 WE ENTERED INTO cooperation with Elektroskandia in China in order to produce our X-tower system in China. This means that we now can offer a system with the same quality requirements as we previously produced in Europe.

We will meet the new EN 1090 standard as well which is a requirement to be able to deliver towers within the European Union from July 2014.

THIS NEW SET UP enables us to deliver complete sets of towers with fall protection systems, obstruction lights, ladders etc.

All packed, inspected and shipped by Elektroskandia in Shanghai.

WE CAN OF COURCE ALSO OFFER a large number of brackets depending on your specific needs, these might be delivered either from China or from Sweden depending on the availability of a specific type off bracket in China.

We think that this set up with a quality production in China, that can deliver a complete tower system like the light weight X-tower system combined with a low cost production, is something that should attract the market.

READ MORE ABOUT IT in this brochure and don´t hesitate to contact our CUE DEE sales staff in order to get more information or a quote.