Ballast Box System 3m

Product number: 1782 CD 82391408


is a 3 meter high freestanding rooftop solution designed for installation of any kind of panel antenna, small radio link or other common telecom equipment. Other antenna mounting tube dimensions are available on request.


The ballast box system is a non-penetrating rooftop system. The antenna mounting tube is fitted to one of the corners of the joined modules which makes it possible to place the antenna close to the edge of the building. This increases coverage and may reduce the required height of the installation.


The mounting tube and support tubes with brackets are made of anodized aluminium. The ballast box modules are made of galvanized steel components. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life. As an option a three mm EPDM rubber sheet is placed under the ballast boxes to protect the roof.


The module based ballast box system together with light weight aluminium components makes the assembly extremely fast and easy.

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1782-Ballast box module system 3m Product Sheet Rev C
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