Concrete Slab with x-tower solutions

Product number: CD


Is a rapid deployed unit with heights up to 40 meters containing three elements. The first element is the foundation containing concrete blocks 2,3×2,3 meters. The blocks are placed directly on the ground (flat surface) and take up 7×7 meters. The second element is a 3,3 meters high base frame designed to fit a shelter on the inside. The third and final element is the X- Tower. Detailed information about the X-Tower is described on page 8 of this catalogue.


The tower frame legs consist of solid rods and the brace members are channel irons. As all members are solid and made of galvanized steel the system has excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.


The Concrete Slab Solution can be configured and optimized up to heights of 40 meters. A ladder can be placed on the inside or outside of the conical part of the tower. The straight top sections can be climbed without ladder on both the inside and outside thanks to the K brace arrangement. The tower can be installed with ginpole, crane or helicopter. The small transport volume minimizes the logistical cost.


Antenna support frame, Fall protection rail, Ladder hoop guard, Lightning rod, Obstruction lights, Climbing barrier, etc.

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