Flexi Multi Radio Pole Mount

Product number: 7349 CD 990984


is used when installing RFM modules on almost any type of structure. It is possible to install two RFM modules on the same bracket. There is no need for a Plinth as the RFM modules fit directly on the Stack Mount. The bracket also comes with a built in grounding plate and ESD connection point..


The Flexi RFM Pole Mount can be used on round and square tubes and also on 60° and 90° angles.


The components are made of high grade anodized aluminium and acid proof stainless steel which gives the support excellent resistance.


Thanks to the slotted holes in the bracket installation can be done on the ground. The entire unit with bracket is then lifted in place and mounted on the structure.

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7349-Flexi RFM Pole Mount Product Sheet Rev B
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CD 990984 Rev B