mUnit Base Mount

Product number: 6127 CD 990705


is designed as a base component in a building system for mUnit products. By only using the mUnit Base Mount it`s possible to install one mRRU or mRBS on wall. Along with additional accessories (Pole Clamp, Hose Plate etc.) it is also possible to install on masts, towers or other vertical / horizontal structures.


The mUnit Base Mount can either be installed in vertical position used for tilt function or horizontal position used for azimuth function. If needed it´s possible to combine both features by using two Base Mount units mounted cross wise to achieve both azimuth and tilt function. A degree scale on one of the link arms helps the installer to reach exact orientation


All components are made of anodized aluminium or acid proof stainless steel which gives the support excellent corrosion resistance.


Handling and installation is very easy thanks to the light weight material of the product.

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