Mini Swesite

Product number: CD

consists of square 2 meter high sections. The side of the sections range from 600 mm (23,6 in) to 900 mm (35,4 in). Tapered sections are used to connect two different section sizes. It is available in heights from 12 m (39 ft) to 24 m (79 ft) wich makes it possible to tailor just the right site to fit your needs.

Since the base station is located in the bottom section of the tower itself, there is no need for an external shelter. This gives many advantages such as a smaller footprint and shorter feeder cables.
All equipment such as RRU’s, feeder cables, base units, TMA’s, filters etc. are secure inside the fiberglass shelter. This eliminates the risk of vandalism on the site. Apart from protecting the RRU´s the cylinder can be used as a billboard for advertisement. Installation can either be done manually with a ginpole or with a crane depending on site access.

The tower sections are made of galvanized steel components. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life. All sections are an all welded design with solid steel frame legs. All Mini Swesites are calculated according to the Eurocode standard.

Climbing barriers, lightning rods, booms, top spires, fall arrest system, obstruction lights, brackets, etc. are available on request.

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