Solar Panel Pole-Bracket with Variable Tilt

Product number: 8117 CD 991210

The Solar Panel Pole-Bracket

Is designed for mounting a solar panel on a pole of various form and size. It is possible to adjust the angle of the solar panel to catch the most amount of sun.


The Solar Panel Pole-Bracket can handle a large variety of different mounting poles; circular, square and angle.


All components are made of anodized aluminium and acid proof stainless steel. This ensures a very long lifespan and low maintenance costs.

Easy Assembly

The choice of materials makes the product very light which in turn makes the handling and installation very easy. For fast and efficient installation the complete system is assembled on the ground and then lifted up as one unit to its final position.

Document downloads

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Nokia-8117-Solar Panel Pole-Bracket Rev A
CD 991210 Rev B