X-Tower System

Product number: CD


Consists of 4 meter high sections. The side of the sections range from 750 mm to 4350 mm. The straight sections at the top of the tower are suitable to mount antennas on.


The X-Tower is designed to be easy to erect without the need of a crane or helicopter. The transport volume is kept small thanks to the modular system and the handling of the components is easy. The X-Tower is suitable for heights up to approximately 60 meters, depending on wind conditions and the amount of antennas.


The frame legs of the tapered parts are solid rod steel members, 4 meters in length. The bracing members are channels. All members are hot-dip galvanized.  As the members are solid, the risk of corrosion on the inside of hollow members is eliminated.


Climbing barriers, lightning rods, booms, top spires, fall arrest system, obstruction lights, brackets, etc. are available on request. It is possible to attach a number of antennas using the CUE DEE universal clamps.

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X-Tower Product Sheet Rev B
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