The Tetrapod is a Rapidly Deployed Unit. It needs no foundation but instead uses a ballast platform incorporated in the mast.

Mini Swesite

Telecom site with a low visual impact



AS WE HAVE SEEN A GROWING NEED in the last year for new smaller Telecom sites we have developed a solution inspired by the famous Swesite concept and named it Mini Swesite.

THE INTENTION IS TO HAVE a site with a small footprint which can be quickly established, with low visual impact and with all the radio equipment placed inside the tower itself.



THIS SITE CAN BE UP AND RUNNING within one day and the intention is to use it in urban environments or wherever a site of this type could be needed.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME and read through the brochure, if you need more information or a quote please get in contact with the CUE DEE sales team.



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