CUE DEE can supply you with various types of rooftop solutions.

CUE DEE can supply you with various types of rooftop solutions

CUE DEE HAS PROVED TIME AFTER TIME to be a reliable supplier of optimized rooftop solutions managing large rollouts in short timespans. The company can become a part of any clients logistic system with solutions adapted to SAP. We have the capacity to supply a reliable flow of rooftop solutions which can be installed by semiskilled or multitask teams.

CUE DEE HAS OVER THE YEARS in close cooperation with their clients built up a selection of advanced rooftop solutions and offers the most complete selection on the market. Technical Know-How and Ingenious Quality Design of rooftop solutions CUE DEE is no.1 when it comes to meet the operators requirements.

THE COMPANY HAS DEVELOPED a unique expertise in providing optimized solutions and quality designs for customers all over the world no matter the local conditions. Thanks to the overall light-weight construction the material consumption can be minimized. The products are fully recyclable and environmental friendly.

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