Chain bracket reduces installation time on site

Our Chainbracket system has been available on the market for some time now and we are now recieving feedback from the people using it. On this site the installer faced the challenge of fitting a large number of radios, panel and MW antennas so the mounting system used had to be both strong and easy to use and install.

We spoke to Henrik Nyström at prgsweden who was responsible for the installation of this site and this is what he had to say. -We really appreciate the flexibility the chainbracket offers and its ease of use. With the modular concept of adding or removing links in the chain it doesnt matter what diameter the monopole has, the chain will still fit. Many times we are working on sites that are crowded or where it is hard to reach the equipment, in cases like this the chain bracket from Cue Dee really helps and speeds up the installation process signifcantly -Henrik concludes.

Stay tuned for more information on the Chain bracket system!

Chain bracket reduces installation time on site 1

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