MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, the world’s largest telecom tradeshow, is held annually in Barcelona, Spain. This year’s show ran from February 22-25 and Göran Alm, our CEO, Patrick Hedlund, Business Development and Key Account Manager, and J-O Hemmervall, Research and Development Manager, attended.
“It’s an enormous and important tradeshow for the telecom industry. I’ve been here five years running and it gets bigger every year,” says Patrick. Göran adds:

“IT´S INCREDIBLE WELL MANAGED, with nice stands and quality programs. You can tell that a lot of time and effort go into this show.”
Mobile World Congress is a global tradeshow that attracts large numbers of visitors and representatives from over 200 countries. The whole industry comes together, large and small players alike, to learn about new trends, challenges, and opportunities.
“The show makes clear that the world is shrinking and that people are increasingly connected.

SINCE CUE DEE IS A GLOBAL company with many years of international experience, we have a solid foundation for doing business in a market that is becoming more and more global,” says Patrick.
While Cue Dee’s products enjoyed their share of the limelight, being seen together with Ericsson, Nokia, and others, our main aim in visiting the tradeshow was to listen to informative lectures, meet customers, and take in the latest trends.

“THIS YEAR´S EVENT FOCUSED heavily on 5G, and we know rapid progress is being made in this area. We already have a lot going on related to 5G and, naturally, we’ll continue producing products based on needs and demand,” Patrick explains.
It has also become increasingly important to integrate solutions into permanent settings and to build sites into bus shelters, lampposts, billboards, and more.
“We’re seeing a trend in this direction. Many exhibitors displayed products that integrate with their immediate environment and we’ve worked some on

 that ourselves. We have solutions that are both smart and attractive, that suit urban settings, such as Mini Swesite, Cue Pole, and Nokia Half Pipe Enclosure,” explains Göran.Thanks to increasingly integrated products, machine-to-machine (M2M) connections are now also more common and more and more operators are investing in this area.

“M2M CONNECTIONS REQUIRE high-quality products, which means our products stack up well against the competition. We keep focused on the technical details and continuously develop our products to ensure they keep pace with development and trends,” says Göran.
Mobile World Congress is always inspiring, and we will be there next year, too, to make sure we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.

FAST FACTS: Mobile World Congress 2016
• 2,200 exhibitors
• 374 speakers
• 100,000 visitors from over 200 countries

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