Sponsor Telecom and Cue Dee delivers its dome solution to Entel Chile

Sponsor Telecom and Cue Dee is pleased display their dome installation for the Chilean Operator Entel. This installation, triggered by the Chilean Antenna law where certain sites require concealment, is based on Cue Dee’s chain solution which acted as the foundation for the dome, antenna, and radio mount.

Sponsor Telecom and Cue Dee delivers its dome solution to Entel Chile 1Daniel Bräuning, President and CEO of Sponsor Telecom in Chile, exclaims, “The complexity for these dome solutions should not be taken lightly. To hide six antennas and nine radios behind a dome that is fixed in size requires ingenuity and experience – this is where the team at Cue Dee is world class. Down tilt and azimuth considerations, both based on antenna selection, RRU mount, and strength consideration, took up much of our initial discussion; however, we are thrilled
to have passed the solutions stage and are ready to deploy nationwide to Entel per our contract.

“Using our chain bracket as theSponsor Telecom and Cue Dee delivers its dome solution to Entel Chile 2 core for the build allows us to accommodate for different monopole sizes in addition to adding flexibility for accessories used in mounting RRUs, antennas,  and domes, just to name a few. The chain bracket (https://cuedee.com/old/?s=chain), which handles sizes approximately four to forty inch diameters, coupled with our alubra beam is the foundation for these site configurations. Using this solution, we are able to work within the confinement of various dome sizes while meeting site operational specifications set forth by Entel, the Chilean operator,” says JO Hemmervall, Chief Technical Officer at Cue Dee AB in Sikeå.

Hakan Andersson, Head of Americas for Cue Dee AB observes that there are always challenges in working with a plethora of site designs while still generating manageable solutions. He notes that, “the use of Cue Dee’s chain bracket allows for simple yet flexible solutions that minimize complexity, project management, and logistics. While the domes pictured do not have sliding doors, their design allows for access to antennas and radios via removable panels important for installation and maintenance.” Being in constant communication is important and is seen by the daily interactions with our local distributor, Sponsor Telecom and Daniel Bräuning. “They are invaluable partners,” Andersson says, “they monitor local requirements and facilitate discussions involving products and solutions as we continue this endeavor with the South American market.”

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