The telecom industry is a diverse field, including all kinds of installations for telecommunications. Typical antenna carriers are masts and towers. Cue Dee develops & supplies masts, towers and support to customers globally in the telecom industries. We have been a preferred partner for over 30 years among the leading telecom companies due to the fact that our products are light, flexible, easy to install, designed to make a small foot-print and to be optimal for their purposes. Explore down below our Mast & Towers suitable for Greenfields and Rooftops.

Greenfield solutions


Antenna carriers suitable for a greenfield sites.

Greenfield sites have freestanding tall structures to support antennas. The choice of tower structure depends on the number of antennas, their wind area and the type of soil. 

Greenfield sites are often located near highways, country roads, sport fields and industrial areas. The antennas and dishes may be mounted directly to the tower or on a secondary supporting structure.

Rooftop solutions


Antenna carriers suitable for rooftops.

Rooftop sites are usually located in urban areas. Antennas are installed on wall-mounted poles or pole frames located on the roof of a building. 

Some rooftop sites require extra care with the roof where free standing rooftop solutions can advantageously be installed.

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