Cue Dee has since 1978 developed technical solutions and innovations for the telecom industry and since 2001 to the wind industry.

In 1989 Cue Dee launched a new type of antenna support system including the Aluscopic light weight aluminium mast. The Aluscopic mast was designed to carry antennas on top of roofs and was immediate a great success because of its weight, size and strength was optimized for the new type of mobile networks GSM.

Cue Dee has to date delivered masts for wind applications to the toughest and highest projects. And with a mast height of up to 200 m we believe we have some kind of a record. In other words; a true champion.

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    Cue Dee AB

    Sponsor Telecom and Cue Dee is pleased display their dome installation for the Chilean Operator Entel. This installation, triggered by the Chilean Antenna law where certain sites require concealment, is based on Cue Dee’s chain solution which acted as the foundation for the dome, antenna, and radio mount.  Read more about i on our homepage  https://lnkd.in/gaaVrpM

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    Cue Dee AB

    We are happy to announce that our new website is live! The new site includes features like improved navigation, new and powerful search functions, better overview etc. The changes do not end here but its probably best to experience it by yourself so please check it out at  http://cuedee.com/

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    Cue Dee is pleased to announce small cell solutions for the AT&T and Nokia small cell solutions mounted on poles sizing from 4”-40” (wood, steel, concrete, or otherwise). As municipalities has certain wood restrictions, Cue Dee has, in addition to using its chain bracket solution, designed a penetrating bolt solution with 4” separation to meet such restrictions. Although hole locations on the solutions are fixed, note that it can be adapted to allow other needs. Feel free to ask us to look into adapting to your specific needs. Lastly, there is an offset of 6” and 12” on the steel solution with a down tilt capability of 15 degrees. For further information, contact your local sales representative for your region found at https://lnkd.in/ge3B_cN.  

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    Cue Dee AB

    CUE DEE's Moschos Toytziaridis discussing products with customers at Elektroskandias Telekomdag in Stockholm, Kista.

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Advantages with Aluminium

Research has shown a number of benefits using aluminium instead of other materials.