Corporate Responsibility

Driven by a desire to make a difference by providing sustainable, ethical and fair working conditions and products.

In CueDee, responsibility means doing right, even when unseen

We strive to conduct all of our business activities in a trustworthy, ethical and transparent way. Including all interaction with our employees, as well as our business partners, customers and suppliers.

We aim to only attract parties who share our values ​​and we strive to ensure compliance with laws and regulations as a minimum to enhance our commitment to ethical behavior.

Standards to live by

Quality Management System - ISO9001:2015

Quality management systems provide the information and guidelines for doing things correctly and meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. Being certified according to ISO 9001:2015 helps our business to be more efficient by reducing process deviations.

In the long run, these practices strengthen our company brand and reputation. It help us to grow our business and building trust in the market.

Our Sustainable future is Green

Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2015

Designed to provide structure for managing environmental compliance across our business, being ISO14001:2015 certified demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility. Fostering improved relationships with the community, shareholders, governmental- and environmental organizations.

We strive to move beyond mere compliance with regulatory requirements, to actively developing processes and procedures to avoid different breaches in the first place. This is how we strive to work proactively with managing our business.

European Union Legislation

SS-EN 1090 compliance

Steel and aluminum structures must be CE marked when they are delivered by manufacturers and suppliers to the building and construction sector within Europe. The prerequisite for CE marking the company's products is that the company is certified in accordance with SS-EN 1090 by a notified certification body.

CueDee is fully compliant with this requirement from the European Union legislation.

A way of life

Responsible Sourcing

Integrating corporate responsibility across our business, CueDee strives to manage the impact of social, ethical, environmental and human rights issues across our supply chain. A fundamental part of this approach is to strengthen our suppliers ability to meet high standards in all of these areas.

The scope of this ambition reflects the standards in our code of conduct and other requirements we impose on our suppliers. Suppliers compliance to our standards is verified through self-assessments and on-site audits conducted by our internal team or independent third-party auditors, ensuring a robust verification process.

A fundamental right...

Occupational Health & Safety

CueDee is committed to providing a safe and accident free work place for all our employees and visitors. We will ensure safe working practices are applied and maintained, we will ensure a safe and healthy working environment and comply with all statutory OH&S regulations.

Global trade done right

Trade Compliance

The regulatory and enforcement environment for import and export controls is changing rapidly and in some cases without notice. As countries change their sanctions policies to reflect the current foreign affairs situation, the national regulations that companies must follow in their global trade compliance processes also change.

When applicable we perform Customer due diligence (CDD) and supplier audits using EU & US sanctions lists or restricted or denied parties lists to ensure that our trading is not destined for a sanctioned individual, company or country.

EU sanctions:
U.S. sanctions - OFAC:

Protecting our data

Information Technology Security

CueDee recognize that the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and data created, maintained, and hosted by ourselves and our suppliers are vital to the success of the business and privacy of our clients and other shareholders. We consider these primary responsibilities as fundamental to best business practice to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and obligations.

Guarantee Individuals privacy

GDPR Compliance

European Union regulations named General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aimed at guiding and regulating the way companies handle all personal information for internal and external individuals. Creating strengthened and unified data protection for all individuals within the EU.

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