Passionate about Innovative & Robust solutions for Telecom Networks Infrastructure

Since 1978 we have designed & delivered more than 25 000 telecom sites across all continents of the globe. Our Products, Services and Solutions for cellular towers and telecom sites creates an efficient total cost of ownership and enables our clients to focus on core activities.

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Who we are

Innovation & Quality Since 1978

An Experienced and Trusted partner for telecom infrastructure equipment can make a difference for your Profitability and Competitiveness. CueDee has 45 years of extensive experience from the Telecom Industry - please allow us to tell you more about our story.

CueDee Digital Showroom

Please step into our world of Customized Telecom site solutions

With more than 45 years of experience in the Telecom network industry we have developed an array of interesting solutions to solve a variety of challenges you might face in your project. Easy-to-install modular systems has always been there in our design thinking. Welcome to visit our digital showroom to learn more.

What's new?

CueDee News Archive

In our news archive you can follow us in more details to see what we are up to. Latest news is about our attendance in world largest telecom exhibition...

Service factory

Creating a better day, every day, for our clients

Our passionate team of innovative engineers go to work every day - for you! Their goal is to solve your problems, making your day easier. This work is creating value to our clients and we have, so far, never failed to find a solution to a specific problem.

CueDee Products

CD 991583

Tube Clamp 75

New product - Replacing the old stainless steel clamps

More Information coming soon

CD 8742

Universal Clamp 270

CueDee Universal Clamp 270 is a unique clamp that will solve most of the fitting challenges on the market. Together with ALUBRA...

8925 Cable Holder Tubular Rev P1A

Tubular Cable Holder

CueDee tubular cable holder is designed to secure fiber, power and grounding cables at telecom sites.
EVA coated hose clamp...



CueDee Stand-Off Wall Support 120 is designed for installation of one antenna mounting tube on a wall with possibility to fit...

1913 (002)

2-L Link Support

CueDee 2-L Link Support is designed for installation of several small radio links or one large link up to Ø2,6 meters with strut...

Responsibile business partner

Being Responsible is the only way to Sustainability

Successful businesses have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it. In CueDee we understand that being responsible is laying the foundations to long term sustainable business growth and success.

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