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Telecom Site Design

Creating Innovative & Robust Telecom Sites

Tailored design to solve the individual need for each individual site.
We design telecom sites that offers a tailored solution to host your antennas, radios, solarpanels and other equipment in a safe manner.

Our expert team of engineers are ready to tackle your most challenging cases and equipped to offer you customized 3D CAD drawings, FEM analysis and payload calculations. These aren't just any documents. These are blueprints for success, meticulously crafted with strength calculations to ensure that your telecom site structure stands resilient in its natural environment.

We take pride in our ability to cater to the unique demands of individual telecom sites.
Understanding the importance of compliance, every solution for telecom infrastructure we provide is rigorously calculated to align with your country's specific requirements and building codes.

Partner with us, and give us a chance to show you what we are made of - where safety, stability, precision and innovation comes high on our agenda.

Mechanical Structural Dimensioning

Securing Structural Integrity

The integrity of your structures is paramount. With increasing complexity and heft of modern equipment, a solid foundation isn't just nice to have - it's an absolute requirement.

Our mechanic structure design services ensure that your installations are robust enough to handle the latest technologies and environment needs.

Our commitment goes beyond simple verification and validation. If we find that a structure does not meet the necessary criteria, we present a detailed plan for its reinforcement. Our experience spans over a diverse range of structures from telecom masts and cell towers to walls, roofs, and chimneys.

Let's work together setting a new standard for structural integrity in the telecom industry, where safety and progressive engineering come together to secure the success of your projects.

Site Acquisition (SA) Support

Consultation in Early-Stage of your project

Need support and guidance through the early stages of a telecom site development?
Look no further.

One of the most important decisions in the journey of building a telecom infrastructure is choosing the right antenna carrier solution. It is a decision that will have consequences for the foundation of your site design.
Early cooperation with our engineers and your SA team will ensure a feasible and optimal solution for each telecom sites unique conditions.

We will prepare a preliminary 3D drawing for the proposed installation, which will enhance the visualization of the final solution, to secure the correct telecom site design even before the detailed planning begins.

This initial drawing is the catalyst for development of the final telecom site solution. We specify the essential details and data required to refine the design, tailoring it to precise measurements, calculations, and the particular regulatory requirements of your telecom site location.

Quality Assurance

Maximizing the long term performance of your telecom network

With our quality assurance services we make sure your telecom site is installed properly according to specifications.
We make sure your finished telecom sites meet your expectations and can operate reliably for a long period.

Utilizing our quality control service means partnering with a team as committed to precision and excellence as you are. Trust us to steer your projects to success with unmatched attention to detail and a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of telecom infrastructure integrity, excellence and adheres precisely to your unique specifications.

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Circular Asset Management

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions with Circular Asset Management

Step into the sustainable future with CueDee's Circular Asset Management, where we turn sustainability into actionable practice.

Are you sitting on aging inventory of telecom site material?
Going through a SWAP project where you want to re-use some of the existing site material?
There can be many reasons why you are sitting on excess material and don't know how to manage it efficiently.

Our Circular services are designed to minimize waste by promoting reuse of materials, allowing you to store and manage your assets in our facilities while maintaining ownership.

We prioritize the deployment of your resources, tapping into your personal stockpile before utilizing CueDee's inventory, ensuring that every piece is put to its best use. This not only extends the lifecycle of valuable materials but also supports your commitment to an eco-conscious business model.

Every component is rigorously inspected and comes with a renewed CueDee warranty, offering you quality assurance and reliability. By integrating your resources with our supplies, we deliver a consistent and seamless service that meets your project's specifications and advances our shared dedication to preserving the environment.

CueDee’s Circular Asset Management makes a tangible impact on the planet while keeping your projects at the pinnacle of efficiency and sustainability.

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