Why Cue Dee

A supplier with many advantages can make a difference for your profitability and competitiveness.
Let us tell you a little more about what makes Cue Dee your best supplier.

Global presence

Global Presence

We understand the importance of beeing close to where things actually happen. By being located close to the market we can shorten your leadtimes and Time-to-market. We can offer better and faster support and also get a sfeeling for the local market and its specific demands. Therefore we are represented all over the world through an extensive network of owned sales offices, agents and distributors. We always strive to further develop our presence so that we can provide all of our customers and our partners the best service possible.

Highly qualified

Highly qualified

With over thirty years in the industry, we have delivered towers and masts to the most difficult places, the most extreme environments and the highest heights. We dare to promise that we have seen and done it all. It has resulted in a unbeatable know-how about what is possible and how to do it best. Add low staff turnover and dedicated staff which has given us a retained competence.

Innovating tomorrow standards


Broad and in-depth knowledge is the basis for our development of the business and our design solutions. Early on, we created a specialized R&D department that, through a strong focus on product development and innovation, helped us stay at the forefront and constant moving the limit of what is possible. No other manufacturer in the world has equally flexible and high performance products within the business today. Through our flexible solutions we can shorten costly installation times but also enable new solutions instead of replacing the entire antenna mounting system. Simply add on more functions and extend the lifelength of your solution.

Sustainable choices for bluer skies

Sustainable choices for bluer skies

Sustainability is more than a green stamp or comprehensive sustainability reports. At Cue Dee, we believe that thoughtful sustainability work is not only positive for the environment, but also for our customers and employees. We make conscious choices in everything from material choices to manufacturing processes. With new and effective production methods as well as an increasing proportion of recycled aluminum used it is also about qualify as an environmentally friendly raw material compared to many others. This goes hand in hand with our work to minimize our environmental impact.

Top quality in every step

TOP quality in every step

The right quality does not come by itself - this is something that is deeply rooted in Cue Dee. The fact that we are called Cue Dee, who comes from Quality Design, reveals our attitude to quality, durability and functionality. This is also why we are constantly developing our business and conducting regular audits so that we can ensure that we offer the highest quality at every stage.


ISO 9001:2015
Our quality management system ensures efficiency and structure as well as continuous improvement of routines and processes.

EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011
Allows us to CE mark our products and ensures that Cue Dee consistently design, manufacture, and deliver, high quality steel and aluminium structures and components.

The Aluminium advantage

The Aluminium advantage

Over the past 20 years, we have been manufacturing most of our products in aluminum, since the material has proven to have superior properties in harsh conditions around the world. Aluminum weighs only one third compared to traditional steel and is thus extremely lightweight yet very strong. Low weight also means significantly easier handling during assembly. So simple that only one installer is required at the installation itself. In addition, aluminum is easy to mold with high surface finish and has superior corrosion resistance which guarantees a constant high quality appearance and an unmatched life-span.