Tubular Cable Holder

P/N: 8925

CueDee tubular cable holder is designed to secure fiber, power and grounding cables at telecom sites.
EVA coated hose clamp make this product suitable for round structures anchoring, such as CueDee K-system towers and masts.
The EVA coat protects the galvanized surface from scratches that later on can cause quality issues.

Function description

The tubular cable holder is capable to hold up to three fiber cables with a diameter between 4.5mm and 8mm and up to 3 power and/or grounding cables with a diameter between 8 and 23mm.

Although different sizes fiber/cables can be mixed, a horizontal layer´s cables should not deviate more than 1mm in size for fibers or 2mm for power/grounding cables.

Technical Data

    Fiber Cable; Ø4.5mm to Ø8mm
    Power Cable; Ø8mm to Ø23mm

    Frame Leg; Ø10mm to Ø14mm


    Wind speed resistance; 200 km/h (56 m/s)
    Tensile capacity; 100 N Flammability
    Temperature resistance; -40°C to +70°C
    UV resistance; 50years
    Total weight; 110 grams


    RoHS 3 (2015/863/EU)
    ISO 4892


    170mm / 150mm / 95mm / 1.1kg (10pcs)

    CueDee cableholders are pre-assembled and delivered in quantities of 10 pcs/package.


    Clamping parts; Composite PP with EVA coating
    Metal parts; Stainless steel 304 A2

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