60m K600 Guyed Mast

Solution ID: 60m K600 Mast , 4 Guy Levels

consists of square sided frame; 2 meter high sections. Legs and diagonals are made of high grade solid steel rods. The square sides of the section range from 600 mm to 1350 mm. Tapered sections are used to connect sections with different dimensions. The K-system can be used both as un-guyed or guyed solutions.

We have a number of standard green field towers of different heights designed for specific antenna loads and wind speeds. If none of our standard towers suit your needs, we can tailor the solution for your specific needs.

External ladder is not needed as this tower is climbable on the inside and/or outside.

The K-tower is easy to build using only a gin-pole, but also support crane of helicopter installation. 

All tower sections are welded and CE-marked according to EN-1090 standards. The sections are made of high grade galvanized steel components. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.

Our Towers are dimensioned according to EURO-code or TIA standard. 

Climbing barriers, lightning rods, booms, top spires, fall arrest system, obstruction lights, mounting brackets and more are all available on request.

Technical Data
  • Height

    60 m

  • Segment Height

    2 m

  • Guy levels


  • Total Main Construction Weight

    3040 kg

  • Core footprint

    600 x 600 mm

  • Material used in structure

    HDG Galvanized steel

  • Bolts

    Class 8.8

  • Guy wires

    52 mm², 1x7

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