Solution for sloping roofs without a parapet - Proof of Concept

Solution ID: SD012079

Proof of Cencept solution that can be adapted based on your requirements.

This non-penetrating ballast solution can be used on sloping roofs with a slope exceeding 6 degrees and without a parapet wall.

The base is built on a scalable matrix of box modules that can be expanded should a future need arise. Each ballast box weighs 23kg, is 500mm x 500mm, made of HDG steel and can accommodate standard 400 x 400mm concrete pavers for extra ballast.

The antenna bearing superstructure consists of a dipod with a 3 meter high main pole and two struts that are made from light weight anodized aluminum tubes connected with acid proof stainless steel fasteners. 

On the main pole a three level off-set frame is installed that offers two antenna bearing tubes.

This design also features the optional radio support unit placed on the ballast frame.

The materials used offer an outstanding corrosion resistance also in harsh marine environments.

Technical Data
  • Main Pole Height

    3 m

  • Main Pole Diameter

    114 mm

  • Stay Tubes

    Ø75x3.5 mm

  • Antenna Bearing Tube Diameter

    75 mm

  • Weight of Structure

    449 kg

  • Wind Area of Antenna Payload

    1,7 m²

  • Reference Wind Speed


  • Terrain Category


  • Height above terrain


  • Total Antenna Weight

    93 kg

  • Horizontal Footprint

    4 m²

  • Number of Ballast Boxes

    14 pcs

  • Roof inclination


  • Material used in structure

    Aluminium (anodized 25um)
    Stainless Stell A4
    HDG Galvanized steel

Custom Design

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