3m/114mm Dipod, with optional 3x off-set sector frame

The dipod is a versatile structure for both flat and sloping roofs; this dipod solution offers a 3 meter main pole with a diameter of 114mm combined with two 75mm struts.

CueDee offers different attachment methods compatible with different types of roof surfaces; multiplate (as used in this example); metal sheet raised seam flange clamp; or, tile roof mount. 

The optional off-set sector frame included in this example offers three antenna positions, avoiding rotation and vibrations two additional 10178 (Antenna stabilizer struts) are used.

CueDee can support you with static EURO-CODE dimensioning based on your specific payload requirements and geographic location.

Technical Data
  • Main Pole Height

    3 m

  • Main Pole Diameter

    114 mm

  • Stay Tubes

    Ø75x3.5 mm

  • Antenna Bearing Tube Diameter

    75 mm

  • Weight of Structure

    105 kg

  • Wind Area of Antenna Payload

    0,75 m²

  • Reference Wind Speed

    23 m/s

  • Terrain Category


  • Height above terrain

    25 m

  • Material used in structure

    Aluminium (anodized 25um)
    Stainless Stell A4

Custom Design

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