Rooftop solutions

Rooftop solutions that fits your needs

We offer a wide range of rooftop solutions. Free standing non-pentrating ballast solutions or fixed solutions that ensures a firm anchoring.

Ranging for our Rooftop solutions in height differs from 1,5m up to 6m. For those who needs to deploy a unit fast we can offer Rapidly deployed units were the ballast platform is incorporated in the mast.

Explore our Rooftop solutions below.

Freestanding solutions

Our free standing rooftop solutions is a ballast system that is a non-penetrating. Its designed for installation of any kind of panel antenna, small radio link or other common telecom equipment.

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Fixed Solutions

Fixed solutions

Our fixed solutions range in height differs from 1,5m up to 6m and the supports are attached to the roof to ensure a firm anchoring. Our fixed systems has the capability of handling all possible roof inclinations.

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