3-sector chain solution, 3,0m pole

Solution ID: SD00951

CueDee approach in developing this solution was driven by the need to meet diverse customer demands, especially where the challenge was to mount three antennas and 6 RRUs on the same pole. Utilizing a variety of components, we managed to create a solution that not only accommodates this requirement but also ensures stability, efficiency, and ease of installation.

This makes our 3-Sector Chain Solution a perfect choice for complex setups, providing a reliable and efficient way to optimize network performance.

This is a solution designed in accordance with Euro-Code standards. 
Delivered as a "ready-to-install" kit, it exemplifies our dedication to deliver high-quality, practical solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, ensuring functionality and efficiency.

Technical Data
  • Antenna Support Pole Height

    3,0 m

  • Weight of Structure

    158 kg

  • Monopole diameter in this particular solution

    490 mm

  • Antenna bearing tube offset from monopole

    540 mm

  • Material used in structure

    Aluminium (anodized 25um)
    Stainless Stell A4

Custom Design

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