Alubra Portfolio

P/N: Please refer to Datasheet below

CueDee ALUBRA Beams are the basic components of several light weight constructions.
Their design makes it possible to build a tailored solution for each individual site.

The grooves on the side of the beams fits different dimensions of boltheads and makes it easy to install using only one single wrench tool. There are four different dimensions available at different lengths. (Max 6 meter).

Accessories like clamps, angle/normal brackets of almost any kind can be attached easily and adapted to its different whole pattern.

Function description

The grooves on the side of the beams fits a standard DIN M12 bolthead with washer for Alubra 75 and Alubra 100.
Alubra 50 uses a standard DIN M10 bolthead only.
This groove design enables easy assembly to clamps, angles or brackets since there is no need to anchor the bolthead side with a tool, thus, releasing one side from manual torch.

Technical Data
  • Dimensions

    100*100mm; 4 grooves (DIN M12 bolts)
    75*75mm; 4 grooves (DIN M12 bolts)
    75*75mm; 2 grooves (DIN M12 bolts)
    50*50mm; 4 grooves (DIN M10 bolts)

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