Tube Portfolio

P/N: Please refer to the datasheet below

The Mounting tubes can be used as a support for panel antennas,
small radio links or other common telecom equipment. They can also be used as an extension of existing tubes.

Our tubes are available in diameters from Ø40mm to Ø114mm at customized lengths up to 6 meters.

Technical Data

    Ø40 mm x 3 mm 0,94 kg/m
    Ø40 mm x 5 mm 1,48 kg/m
    Ø50 mm x 3 mm 1,20 kg/m
    Ø50 mm x 5 mm 1,91 kg/m
    Ø60 mm x 3 mm 1,45 kg/m
    Ø75 mm x 3,5 mm 2,12 kg/m
    Ø75 mm x 5 mm 2,97 kg/m
    Ø90 mm x 5 mm 3,61 kg/m
    Ø114 mm x 5 mm 4,62 kg/m
    Ø120 mm x 6 mm 5,80 kg/m
    Ø150 mm x 5 mm 6,15 kg/m
    Ø202 mm x 4 mm 8,92 kg/m (with grooves)


    Anodized High graded Aluminium alloy.
    Recycled Aluminium is used to a greater extent.

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